Our Coaches

Ti Liptak:

Founded Boom Fitness is 2011 with a desire to help people become healthier, more capable, and happier through fitness.

  • Crossfit L1 Certificate Holder
  • Crossfit Olympic Lifting
  • Outlaw Technique Camp
  • Chinese Olympic Lifting Method – Trained in China

Daniel Blum:

My physical journey started at about age 14 when I discovered the martial art Aikido. I studied on and off for about six years. During that time I started realizing that we can accomplish much more than we know in the physical realm simply by putting a little effort into being aware of our bodies. Since then I have explored many forms of physical training including traditional gym weight lifting, Olympic lifting, kick boxing, jiu-jitsu, gymnastics, circus arts, and crossfit. I have arrived at what I have found to be the most effective training method I have encountered. Functional fitness is able to incorporate strength and conditioning into one workout while still addressing the functional aspects including flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination. The result is results. Speed and power. The ability to live life better. I have seen greater results achieved faster with this program than with any other I have come in contact with. I love to see people accomplish something they never thought they could do. I am also very inspired by the fact that this is a long term program. We are not trying to make people instant bodybuilders or marathon runners. Our goal is to create healthy, fit people who can live long happy lives and stay functional.

  • Crossfit L1/L2 Certificate Holder
  • Crossfit Kids
  • Crossfit Gymnastics
  • Crossfit Gymnastics Advanced Course
  • Outlaw Technique Camp
  • Powermonkey Camp

Kristi Polonsky:

  • Crossfit L1 Certificate Holder
  • Crossfit Endurance
  • Crossfit Mobility

Kelsey Latta:

  • Crossfit L1 Certificate Holder

Robert Liptak:

  • Crossfit L1 Certificate Holder

Michael Halley:

  • Crossfit L1 Certificate Holder

Huma Liptak:

  • Crossfit L1 Certificate Holder