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Gone are the days of feeling bored with your routine. Our class structure gets you into shape with a certified coach guiding you at each step. Since 2011, we’ve taught over 7000 classes and this program works. Results come quickly, you’ll be inspired to attend consistently, and supported as you progress towards your fitness goals.

We help our members:

Lose weight | Gain strength | Improve conditioning | Fix mobility issues | Become healthier | Feel great inside and out

Our approach:
  • We make it simple: Show up and there is a workout plan, a coach, and supportive like minded individuals to help you get the most out of each workout.
  • We teach you: Our hour long functional fitness classes teach you to use free weights, barbells, medicine balls, pull-up bars, running, jump ropes, rowing machines, and others for maximum benefit. It’s an engaging experience that gets results, while never being boring.
  • We support you: Boom is a place to help you get into shape. Our classes gently lead you from your current fitness level, to where you want to be. If you have a serious desire to become strong, healthy, and capable through fitness – we will get you there.

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Our Classes:

Monday through Friday

The Workout of the Day

This hour long class is our original and still most popular.

Your coach will get you started with dynamic warm-up and mobility drills to prepare your body for the workout of the day. We will teach you technique and guide you through a two part workout.

Part A is strength training. You will become a master at squatting, pressing, dead lifting, and using accessory movements to build real strength. Don't worry if you aren't comfortable with these yet. Our coaches will guide you.

Part B is our conditioning / cardiovascular training. You will quickly move through a series of movements designed to increase your work capacity and overall conditioning.

At the end of the workout, we will lead you through specific stretching and roll out with Yoga Tune-Up massage therapy balls to relieve muscle tension and improve performance.

Schedule varies

Boom Lite

Easy and approachable for all levels of fitness, Boom Lite focuses on the basic fundamentals. This class will build a foundation of strength, flexibility, and conditioning to prepare you for any activity.

Similar to our regular workout of the day, you coach will lead you through an hour long workout that will leave you feeling great. Our focus with Boom Lite is to gently build your fitness level through functional movements. Boom Lite classes are a thriving group of individuals reaping the benefits of fitness as an approach to health.

This is a great way to begin your fitness journey at Boom.

Schedule varies

Boot Camp

Get your cardio burn in and done for the day! Your coach will lead you through a 45 minute heart rate rising, calorie burning, sweat inducing Boot Camp style workout. Fun and engaging, you will mostly use body weight movements and quickly move through circuits + interval training.

Schedule varies

Specialty Classes

Sometimes you just need a bit more focus on a specific area. Join us for mobility, olympic lifting, gymnastics, and other specialty classes.

Saturday: 10:30AM

Saturday Team Workout

A fun team workout where you and some friends (or new Boom friends!) move through a goal based workout together. It's a great way to get your weekend started.

On Your Schedule

Personal Training

Want one-on-one attention or need to come at a different time? We have a team of coaches available to work individually with you. Your coach will create workouts specific to your needs and work with you each session to make sure you're progressing as quickly as possible.

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