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Student of the Month – May 2015

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We are very proud of Corwin. He has come consistently since November of 2014. We have seen huge amounts of progress in his fitness, strength and technique. It is very inspiring to see a young man be as committed as he is to fitness and health.

Coach Michael Halley and Corwin have build a good relationship over the months that Corwin has been attending classes at Boom Fitness. Michael had a few words to share about Corwin.

“Corwin has shown a serious commitment to improving his overall fitness since joining Boom, especially in recent months. He shows up early and stays late to work on gymnastics and core-strengthening, which is helping him rapidly improve in all areas. By putting in the extra time and effort he’s building a foundation of strength, mobility, and body-awareness that will carry forward into everything he chooses to do in life. More importantly he’s showing himself (and the rest of us) how persistence in improving one’s weaknesses is the key to success. Corwin and I have known each other his whole life and I couldn’t be prouder of capable young man he’s become.”

It is never too early or too late to take your health goals to the next level.

Student of the Month – March 2015

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“When I wrote down my goals for the 12-Week Challenge I did not specify weight loss as a goal, however, all of my health and fitness goals rely on weight loss for me to be successful. For me weight loss has not only been about looking good on the outside, but it’s been more about performance in the gym. Yesterday during a visit at Parkview, where I worked full time for 6 years, I had multiple people come up to me and tell me that I look really great and my hard work is paying off. These are people who went from seeing me everyday to only seeing me every 3-4 weeks. Obviously I can tell that I’ve lost weight since the start of the challenge because I’ve gone down a size in jeans (and the size smaller jeans are actually starting to get too big) and I also am having to pull up my Fabletics pants at the gym when completing shuttle runs, box jumps, etc.

Jen's Progress


I didn’t realize how much my body has changed until I went back and looked at a photo that Rachel Kruzich, Beannie and I took on the first day of the challenge which was 8 weeks ago.The photo that I’ve attached to this post is a split between the photo Rachel, Beannie and I took at the beginning of the 12-Week Challenge and the photo on the right is a photo that Michael and I took this week. It’s pretty amazing what a difference 8 weeks can make! A huge thanks to all of my gym buddies for getting me motivated. A very special thanks to all of the coaches Ti Liptak, Tanell Pretorius, Michael Halley, and Daniel Blum for continuing to push me to my limits. And of course I’d like to thank my  buddy for the challenge, Rachel, for checking in on me with my goals and texting me almost every day to remind me to go to the WOD.”

                                                                               – Jen Osby

Jen Now

Student of the Month – November 2014

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IMG_3057Stephen Kelley

Stephen started Boom in May of 2012. The benefits to his health and the feeling of increased well-being has kept him hooked ever since. Stephen says, “I feel better now than any time in my life.”

He feels that it is not only his health that has benefited, but his heart and his spirit too. Stephen is a smiler. He is always happy, always very appreciative and absorbs feedback easily. It is always a joy to have him in class and he adds his own unique energy to the greater Boom family vibe.

Stephen is part of the 6AM crew (a unique breed of individuals who prefer to work out at this impossible hour of the day J). He participates in our Saturday partner workouts regularly, Boom’s Olympic Lifting class on Tuesday evenings, and our Mobility class. We have recently seen a big boost in his performance and it is wonderful to know that Boom students continue to make progress even after coming regularly for two and a half years.

Stephen says, “The coaches’ combined knowledge and skill in a wide range of athletic, health, and spiritual fields, and their dedication to evolution make Boom so much more than just another gym.”

Stephen continues to make working out a top priority in his life because he says; “It continues to make my life excellent.”

We are proud of you Stephen and look forward to sharing many more smiles with you!


Student of the Month – October 2014

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Melanny Wells

“I’ve only been coming to Boom Fitness a few months and already I’ve seen miraculous changes in my body and my mood. Boom has offered me the opportunity to abolish the myth that women who lift weights are thick and square shaped. The truth I have experienced is that women who lift can have slender toned figures and more control over the balance between what they put into their body (food fuel), the intensity of their workouts and how that effects their performance. Melanny Wells

I love the scheduled workouts and how they help me stay on a good fitness routine. We all have those rough days where you can talk yourself out of working out because you’re tired or it’s raining outside, etc. Knowing that there are a pack of ladies waiting for me helps me stay on schedule and motivates me to get out of bed.

I’m happier then I’ve ever been. Something about making a priority of being active and having a group dynamic with the same goal has brought me so much joy. The endorphins are real and tangible.

Boom Fitness teachers are such great motivators and will easily modify workouts to any injury or soreness. I always feel like I have a coach on my side and someone making sure my form is always getting better and I’m not injuring myself. Every class, even the brutal ones, have been so much fun. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to add more activity into their daily life and make real lasting changes.”


Student Of The Month – September 2014

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Jared BuntainIMG_4684

Jared walked into the gym in April not having worked out for an extended period of time. He has been remarkably consistent, coming three times a week since he started. It has been wonderful to watch Jared’s progress from squatting with just the barbell at 45 pounds to recently squatting 245 pounds for two reps, and while he has been getting stronger he has only become leaner. Watch out ladies!

Jared says that the conditioning has been his biggest struggle, but he keeps showing up and keeps improving every week. He is a marvelous example of the progress that comes with consistency.

His next goal is to improve at the body-weight movements, such as kipping pull-ups and handstand push- ups, and to develop better control of the movement of his body through space through these exercises.

We love seeing your sweet smile and dedication in the gym every week Jared. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to sharing your future successes with you!

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