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April 2016

Fitness Challenge – Spring 2016!

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It’s Time 🙂


Motivation is hard to come by this time of the year. It’s been a long winter and even though the sun has made a guest appearance a few times, the temperatures continue to be just cold enough to hold our summer fitness goals hostage.

At Boom Fitness, we plan to stage a revolt against this never ending gloom. We are kicking off a Spring Health Challenge on April 11th and hopefully giving the seasonal depression the boot at the same time.

So find the spring in your step and join forces with us to push through this last bit winter.

Check out our new promo video for some inspiration!

Spring Boom Fitness Challenge

Start Date: April 11th (or as close to that as you can)

Price: FREE – Just promise to work hard!

Attendance: Make an attendance commitment, something achievable, but slightly out of your comfort zone.

Gym Goal:
Think of three specific goals to achieve or to work on in the gym.

  • Example: Your overhead squat has been held back by your lack of shoulder mobility.
    Goal: spend 5 – 10 minutes stretching and working on improving range of motion you come into the gym.
  • Example: You always finish first in the workouts, but you wish you were stronger.
    Goal: Use more weight in conditioning pieces even if that means it will take you much longer to finish the workout. Or visa versa.

Speak to your couch to create 1 – 3 thoughtful gym goals to work on every time you come into the gym.

You know you need more sleep, but you are addicted to watching Netflix till midnight every night. Set the goal of going to bed as early as 9. Drink more water, take time every week to do something relaxing or fun. Quit soft drinks, cut back on caffeine. There are many things we can all improve on in our lifestyle habits. Choose what you would like to work on.

The missing link. We are all pretty good at working out, if we have to say so ourselves. (pat on the back) Now let’s take it to the next level and include optimizing our nutrition. Are you getting the correct balance of macro nutrients, and micronutrients?

The coaches at Boom Fitness has found it really helpful to use My Fitness Pal App. It is more than a calorie counting app. It will give you an indication if there is an imbalance of calorie sources in your diet, for example are you getting too much calories from carbohydrates than protein. Download the app, add your friends to you’re my Fitness Pal community and have better success by sharing your journey with others.

Getting Started – Put it all on paper:
Fill out a goal form at your next session and put it on the wall. Allow everybody to read yours and to hold you accountable. Hold everybody else accountable to theirs too. Even team up with a friend and decide to be challenge buddies. Download a form here or grab one in the gym.

Post to Facebook:
Check in every time you come in for a workout. Check up on your friends that didn’t make it to class that day. Post good recipes or motivational posts, progress videos or photos to the Boom Facebook page.

The Bonus Surprise:
To sweeten the deal, we are going to add six specialty classes to the roster.

Every Saturday we will have an hour class from 9:30 AM until 10:30 AM before the regular Saturday class to work on Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics and Mobility. Each Saturday will have its own focus and it will be posted with the regular Saturday workout post.

Sold? Not hard when it’s free!


Interested in starting back at Boom? Pick a class and show up! If you have any questions give us a call at 641-919-5204.

Class Schedule:

Challenge Updates:

Thank you from your team at Boom!

Ti, Daniel, Tanell, Kristi, Michael, Samara, Huma, Robert, Geri, and Rachel

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