Want to get into shape? Boom is here to help but it all starts with you:

Here are some helpful tips:

1. To get results you need to commit. Thinking about working out doesn’t make it happen.
2. Consistency is key.
3. Get comfortable being slightly uncomfortable. The body needs a catalyst to begin to adapt.
4. Eat right: Just because they are mini snickers doesn’t mean you can eat two dozen of them. Pick healthy things and eat them.
5. Don’t be mediocre. This isn’t in relation to anyone else, just to your personal abilities. When you first start you can ease into it but begin to pickup the intensity.
6. Get Strong: People love the Boom conditioning elements but weightlifting is just as important and essential for long term progress.
7. Mobility: Stretch! You will become stronger and reduce chance of injury.
8. Homework: Want to get better at pullups? Practice pullups after class. We are here to support you
9. Progress through progressions: Learn the basics, master the pieces, and your abilities will increase far faster then if you went right for the hard stuff.
10. HAVE FUN. We want each day to be a fun experience for you.

Get Started Today:

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