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October 2014

Student Review – Molly Reiff

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Wheelbarrow Walk

Wheelbarrow Walk

“I am in my head all day long at work and often come to the gym overwhelmed by my day. I am often wobbly as I make my way across the floor during warm-ups. As the hour progresses, my mind becomes clear as my body becomes my focus. By the end of the workout, my mind has been wiped clear because my body took over. Recovery is quick and I leave refreshed, grounded, and balanced. There are no remnants of the day’s work and I am ready to go about the rest of the evening completely clear. The strength that is now a part of my body is both physical and mental. I don’t suffer aches and pains from my long days at work and I know that I can handle anything that comes my way. My mental and physical integrity are my priorities in my busy life. The coaches at Boom Fitness and the fellow participants are an important component of my health program. I appreciate what Boom Fitness adds to my life and to that of our community…people joining together to become their best selves together. Thanks Boom!” – Molly Reiff

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