Student of the Month – March 2015

“When I wrote down my goals for the 12-Week Challenge I did not specify weight loss as a goal, however, all of my health and fitness goals rely on weight loss for me to be successful. For me weight loss has not only been about looking good on the outside, but it’s been more about performance in the gym. Yesterday during a visit at Parkview, where I worked full time for 6 years, I had multiple people come up to me and tell me that I look really great and my hard work is paying off. These are people who went from seeing me everyday to only seeing me every 3-4 weeks. Obviously I can tell that I’ve lost weight since the start of the challenge because I’ve gone down a size in jeans (and the size smaller jeans are actually starting to get too big) and I also am having to pull up my Fabletics pants at the gym when completing shuttle runs, box jumps, etc.

Jen's Progress


I didn’t realize how much my body has changed until I went back and looked at a photo that Rachel Kruzich, Beannie and I took on the first day of the challenge which was 8 weeks ago.The photo that I’ve attached to this post is a split between the photo Rachel, Beannie and I took at the beginning of the 12-Week Challenge and the photo on the right is a photo that Michael and I took this week. It’s pretty amazing what a difference 8 weeks can make! A huge thanks to all of my gym buddies for getting me motivated. A very special thanks to all of the coaches Ti Liptak, Tanell Pretorius, Michael Halley, and Daniel Blum for continuing to push me to my limits. And of course I’d like to thank my  buddy for the challenge, Rachel, for checking in on me with my goals and texting me almost every day to remind me to go to the WOD.”

                                                                               – Jen Osby

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