Approachable Fitness

Today marks the beginning of your fitness journey.
Learn how our supportive fitness classes will lead you to your goals.

A better fitness experience.

Making the right fitness plan and building a strong, capable, and healthy body is a life changing experience. No matter your current fitness level, Boom is the best gym in Fairfield to reach your goals.

Supportive Environment + Gentle Guidance

It begins with GREAT coaching.

Each class at Boom Fitness in Fairfield is led by a certified instructor. Feel safe knowing you have an expert coach giving you personal attention. As you progress through our workout each day, your coach will work with you to modify movements based on your needs. Our members make rapid improvements while being supported and staying safe.

Fitness = Health

Our holistic approach is a foundation for a happy life.

We help build strong, capable, and healthy people. Regardless of your current level of fitness, our workouts are structured to be fun, while getting you the results you want.
We use functional movements to build real strength, flexibility, and coordination. These movements simulate the patterns and activities you do in your daily life and help create a foundation of fitness and health.

See How We Are Different

Love your gym? Our members do:

Heidi W. Fairfield, IA

“I feel so much love when I am a part of my Boom Fitness class. When I had to stop for a while, Ti would send me gentle nudges to come back. I had to be in the right mind space to return, and every time I do I am embraced right where I am (which is usually at a low level of being in shape!)”

Jocelyn E.Fairfield, IA

“Approachable, caring coaches; super friendly and encouraging fellow gym members; clear instruction with focus on form and progression. Modifications ensure a challenging but safe workout at every level. Attending sessions here regularly actually helped me get rid of some joint pain. You just have to trust and follow the program.”

Zachary M.US Army

“When I came to boom a few years ago my flexibility and hip mobility was so poor that I could not even squat without assistance. Now I have the best range of motion, endurance, and athleticism of my entire life. This gym is tailored for your body and your lifestyle and will push you to become a better you. I will miss this place.”

Randall S.Commander - National Guard

“This is a retty bad A$$ gym for being in little old Fairfield, Iowa. I am in pretty good shape but they push you until it hurts so good!”

Erin S.Middle School Teacher

“My day is not complete until I get a workout in at Boom!”

How do I start?


Free Planning Session

A coach will connect with you via phone to help you make a plan. We will discuss your current fitness level, your goals, and how we can get you started.

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You can do this!

Free planning session by phone – no commitments.
We will discuss your current fitness level and your goals to make a plan together.
Don’t worry if you’re currently out of shape, that’s what we are here to help with!