Boom Fitness Kids: Functional Fitness for Children

Have Fun, Be Safe, Learn Fitness

Our goal at Boom Fitness Kids is to help children enjoy fitness, desire a healthy lifestyle, and excel in sport and competition. With every class, our desire is for the kids to have fun, be safe, and learn fitness. By exercising and building strength through functional fitness programming, kids will get stronger, faster, and be confident in their ability. Whether your child desires to get healthy, compete in the sport of CrossFit, or get that competitive edge in all other athletic endeavors, Boom Fitness Kids can help them achieve their goals.

Head Coach at Boom Fitness Kids

Dustin "Coach D" Hinton, CF-L1

Coach D started his journey into functional fitness in 2013. In 2016, he started getting involved with coaching kids in functional fitness. Part of that was due to his 4 children being involved in the program. His favorite part about teaching children functional fitness is seeing them learn things they didn't think they could learn, and doing things most adults can't do. He has a real passion for fitness and helping kids experience a real joy in it.

Coach at Boom Fitness Kids

Nikki Hinton, CF-L1

Coach Nikki is passionate about helping people move well for fitness and for life. She believes your integrity and hard work in the gym will carry over to other areas as well. Nikki has been practicing functional fitness for 2.5 years, following in the footsteps of her husband, Coach D. She is a homeschooling mom of 4, and believes fitness is key to keeping up with them and being mentally healthy.

Boom Fitness Kids Class Rates & Schedule

Cost is $40 per kid per month plus tax. There is no contract required. Parent/Guardian is required to sign a waiver to participate.

Classes are currently offered on:
-Tuesdays @ 4:15PM
-Saturdays @ 9:30AM
The full class schedule is communicated out monthly and updated as needed. That schedule can be followed in Google and found to the right of this section.

Policies and Procedures


If you would like to get signed, schedule a free class for your kid to try, or have general questions about Boom Fitness Kids, feel free to contact Coach D by filling out the Contact Form below. He will respond as soon as possible.